Marking the story of Mayflower in 2020.
Why are we marking this anniversary?

Hetain Patel, Don’t Look at the Finger, 2018, Hetain Patel

Hetain Patel, Don’t Look at the Finger, 2018, Hetain Patel

Four hundred years ago in 1620 a group of ordinary people, women, children and men, from Bassetlaw made an extraordinary journey. What happened when they reached their destination is seen as marking the beginnings of modern America. We are interested in the beginning of the story – of a group of Separatists, whose freedom of speech and right to worship in the way they chose was restricted by the King and law. They gathered together and organised in Bassetlaw, now part of Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. Ten years later, they landed in Massachusetts, the home to the Wampanog people and newly arrived Europeans. The few became many; it is estimated that 35 million people are descended from the pilgrims.

Working with artist Hetain Patel, engagement curator Jo Wheeler and students from Inspire, we have been developing a proposal for a new major public arts commission in Bassetlaw for 2020. Through the artwork, we will explore the timeless themes of the Mayflower story: a journey into the unknown, the pursuit of tolerance and freedom and the impact of a small group across the world – making links across the centuries to connect with journeys made by so many people today.
Find out more about the project here.

Funders: Arts Council England, National Trust, Art Fund
Supporters: Mosely Road Baths CIO, Bassetlaw District Council, Cadburys Trust, Heritage Lottery Fund

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