LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! marked the start of Berrington’s plans to raise funds to research and restore its walled garden back to its Georgian origins and to continue its work with contemporary artists.

Heather & Ivan spent more than a year researching Berrington’s Georgian history and the
significance of the walled garden – a symbol of the family’s wealth and often the site of the latest horticultural technology.

The artists were inspired by the popularity of garden buildings or ‘eye-catchers’ such as these in the Georgian era. The folded form of the structure echoes geometric shapes found in the interior design of the mansion, and it also bears more than a passing resemblance to a pineapple – inspired by eighteenth-century traditions of importing and growing exotic fruit – pineapples may have once been grown at Berrington.

The artists explored forms in paper using origami, then worked with structural engineers, Artura, to bring the designs to life.

LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! stands 8-metre-tall and wide, a pink structure inhabiting the walled garden, in itself a piece of design history, part of the final masterpiece by iconic Georgian landscape designer Capability Brown.


Construction is a skeletal structure of timber with a weather proof woven fabric stretched over it – the pink is from a Georgian palette. The wooden cobbled floor is made from timber which is cut, burnt and then oiled to become weather-resistant.

The artists also created bespoke, sculptural furniture housed inside the pavilion to echo the geometric form of the structure.

Wedding in pavilion BH Amy Rose Deffley

National Trust, funded by Arts Council England

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