• Planning way-finding signage for a new walk at the National Trust's Kedleston Hall

    Planning the new 'Hear Here' walk at the National Trust's Kedleston Hall.

Working in partnership to create a dialogue

Central to my approach is looking at how you can create a dialogue between the past and the present, between people and their environment, communities and locations.

Every project is a partnership and often uses the historical, social or geographical context to developing a contemporary art brief. The client’s ambition and desired direction for their organisation is always key to the process.


My approach results in engaging, inspiring and educational projects that lead to contemporary and historical art being enjoyed by the widest possible audiences.

I do this by getting to the heart of the organisation’s needs, involving people and identifying teams and communities from the beginning. I help organisations to develop sustainable ways of working with contemporary art that leads to new audiences and raises the public profile of the client and the artist.


Curating and Sourcing

  • Working in partnership with organisations to develop a brief
  • Researching and sourcing artists
  • Mentoring, leadership, support and advice to artists and organisations

Audience Development

  • Identifying who the client wants to reach
  • Identifying the character of the audience in relation to the project
  • Marketing strategies for reaching new audience groups


  • Financial and hands-on project management
  • Procurement and management of marketing, PR and design
  • Contracts and negotiating with authorities

Communities and Negotiation

  • Consulting and negotiating with communities to secure their support and involvement
  • Brokering and negotiating between artists and clients on both practical and artistic considerations
  • Non-executive board consultation